As I Await the Birth of A New Born, Here Are My Thoughts.

In the past few days, I have had this nagging sensation about being used up. More like I am depleting as my unborn baby grows within the womb of my wife and I wonder if that is truly the case?

For a second, the thought that we all diminish as we borrow flesh and life to those that we bring into this world shook me to my bone marrow. And I wonder, after having 3 kids and awaiting the fourth, is there a possibility that I have not much left to give?

We have both agreed (Me and Wifey) to pause it after this one, going by the alarming rate of inflation in the country (Nigeria) and the rate at which our youths engage in despicable acts just to chase the bag (money). 

We believe that we can play our own part by being responsible parents to those who see us as their role models and be there for them financially, physically and  morally. To achieve the above, we must cut our clothes according to the desired pattern and standard that can be managed for the best possible outcome. 

Today, the 28th of March, 2022 was supposed to be our 2 years marriage anniversary (we got married in March, 28th, 2020), surprisingly, I am at the hospital awaiting the birth of my fourth child.

My wife had a bad experience during our Traditional Marriage ceremony due the Covid regulations that was at play in Onitsha as at that time and instead of cherishing that day, she despised it with all that she got.

Being prepped for surgery today to deliver her second baby, was her idea to replace a bad memory with a good one.

I played my part by keeping this secret away from family members and also by ensuring that I wore the same dress that I wore two years ago for my Traditional Marriage, but this time without the Agbada.

Wifey had been a loving partner and a blessing to me and I think I owe young married couples a piece of advice right now;

"What it takes to remain married is your ability to be the best for your partner irrespective of the distractions that abound. You have no other option than each other, so make it work."

I am still waiting, pray for me, pray for wifey, pray for us. We need your prayers now.

I will update us with the good news as soon as it happens. 

Stay tuned friends, will be right back.

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