How To Monetize Your Music for Free, No Hidden Charges, No Instant Charges or Yearly Payments

Magroove is primarily a music recommendation platform. They use cutting edge machine learning technology
to recommend tracks based on their listeners' profile and mood.

To find perfect matches, they need serious artists that sound awesome. Once your music gets into their database, your
songs will be classified and recommended to people searching for their next hit.

There are millions of music listeners out there, and only a handful of artists who receive the deserved
attention. They are offering people new options by understanding them and their music taste. 


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With Magroove You Have Access to the following

Uploading an Album
your songs to all major streaming and music store platforms. If you
already have a distributor, provide your album’s Spotify link and they’ll
add it to their recommendation engine. Both for free.
Creating a Store
need to worry about producing t-shirts and merch. They will back you up with
automatically generated designs using your album’s info and they take care
of everything for you - from payment handling to delivery. For free.
Creating a Website
are still one of the most important tools for artists. Make your music
available, sell your custom merch, let your fans know about upcoming
gigs and much more, all under a custom domain.
Sign Up With Magroove Today, CLICK HERE



Sign Up With Magroove Today, CLICK HERE



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