Other Ways To Impart Godly Virtues in Your Kids besides Morning Devotion

Kids are the most precious beings to have around and they can make your day a fulfilling one anytime you devote time to cater for them.

If you have kids and have been observant, you would have realized that these guys learn more from paying attention to what you do than what you say. 

If you are still in doubt, clap your hands all of a sudden before your kids like you are surprised, give it some time and clap your hands again

Try it a third time and I bet you, you won't be alone in this act, they will clap along too. 

So, kids learn by example and so the only way to impart wisdom and the right virtues into your kids is simply by being the only example that they see and can emulate.

Stop telling your kids that this or that is for adults, they will try it out when you are not around and if they enjoy doing what you do and have called an adults thing behind your back, you have simply lost them.

Ways to be the Best Example to Your Kids

1. While at home or while Transporting them in your vehicle, always play Gospel Songs and Not Worldly Songs.

2. Don't drink Alcohol or Smoke before your Kids, you can go out and do that alone but never before them, also stop the habit of taking them to a beer par-lour, by so doing you will help in imbibing the wrong culture into them.

3. Before instructing them to wash those plates, clean up after they are done eating, or clean up a wet floor, ensure that you take the liberty to do so too whenever the need arises.

4. Keep a decent home front, more often than not, kids who are disorganized paints a picture that they must have come from a disorganized home. Invest in your kids now by creating a physical picture within your home of what you will desire to see in their own homes in future after they cling to their lifetime partners.

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