What We Need to Do As A Country (Nigeria) to Move Forward

I stumbled on a post on Facebook where a a musical artist was lamenting about not being able to attract recognition from sponsors and record labels. 

What you are about to read is my submission/response to his mounting challenge of not being able to attract recognition from certain quarters.

The Nigerian Economy is so messed up with the fact that corruption has to a very extent been institutionalized.

How can we not lack recognition when those leading who should know better are not doing anything to attract foreign investors to our polity, more jobs can be created from tripartite trade related businesses. Nigerians alone can not absorb our teaming jobless youths.

Let's just assume that the issue of power has been fixed, our Nigerian youths will triple their investments in their self employed trades and grow these businesses faster to the point that they can employ more hands. 

Many businesses will grow to the level of partnering with other foreign based businesses, this will lead to further employment.

Our GDP will be on the rise thereby leading to a stronger naira which is bound to attract foreign investors.

The list goes on and when we consider the fact that they (our leaders) come to understand how things work and implement Resource control, my dear, Nigeria will take on a new course towards self development even when fools keep running the country.

The problem with my Country is not that it has no potential to outshine third world countries, it does, the problem we have is one where greed has prevented those within its proximity the ability to do what is right even when it will benefit them better than what is applicable now.

The health care that they fly out to receive will be much better and easily accessible if they can stroll over to the next street to get it than when they need to be prepped to take a flight abroad.

The monies that they steal will be safer manage if adequately invested in home grown companies within our manufacturing sectors as this will help to foster competition between home grown/manufactured goods/products with foreign products. 

Nigeria is not in need of leaders, we are desperately in need of right policies that will take the country forward even without the need of a driver/leader.

Like I will always say, we only need two constants to forge ahead;
1. Uninterrupted Power Supply.
2. State control of Natural Resources.

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