I Have Never Had An Affair With Any Actress Ever - Uzoma Sunday Logicman

NOLLYWOOD film maker Uzoma Sunday also known as Logicman began his film career in 2012, the same year he won an award as the best student in creative reasoning. He is a film director, producer and actor.

In this interview with the Chief Editor of FRANKAPOKWUEZE.COM, he revealed the secret behind his creativity.

Frank Apokwueze: Some people would say you look too young to be a director, what do you have to say?

Logicman: (Laughs) hahaha, in this technological era, it is not about how far, it is all about how well. Besides, I'm not too young to be a director, it's just that I look younger than my age. I can name up to 20 directors who are younger than I am.

Frank Apokwueze: That's great. I learnt that you studied Engineering, how did you, I mean became a film maker despite the fact that you studied a course not related to art.

Logicman: Well, passion is the answer. I have great passion for film making, I must confess that I left high paying jobs just to be a film maker. My film making career started in 2012 while I was still an undergraduate, then I won an award as the best student in creative reasoning. That propelled the passion I already had towards the creative industry, I had to study about film making online and also in the field.

Frank Apokwueze: I'm aware that Engineering is a 24 hours course, how were you able to cope.

Logicman: it was so challenging, I had to read even while on set in order to, you know, keep myself up to date with respect to my.. you know course. As soon as I shut down lectures on Friday, I will rush down to the location to resume next week Monday or Tuesday.

Frank Apokwueze: I can imagine. Was your parents aware?

Logicman: Not at all, the day my dad learnt I was into film making, he was upset. He said "I sent you to the university to study Engineering so that you can work in all those high paying oil companies", I told him not to worry that I'm still studying the course he wanted me to study (both laughs).

Frank Apokwueze: So did you just started directing films or it was a process.

Logicman: ofcourse everything in life is a process, I didn't become a director overnight. I initially served in NOLLYWOOD as a Script supervisor (Continuity), Production manager, Artistic director, Assistant director etc.

Frank Apokwueze: I saw one of your movies, I think you featured Chinwe Owoh and Don Brymo, I can't remember the name of the film, so how did you manage to create such pictures.


Logicman: uhm, firstly the name of the film is Ritual of vengeance.

Frank Apokwueze: Yes, that's true, I remember now

Logicman: Like I said earlier, I love creativity and uniqueness, so any film I direct, I would always love to make it look different. Also, I love working with experienced crew, the result you saw in that movie is as a result of the collective efforts of the crew, we try to rub minds together in order to give you a picture that will have your emotions and eyes glued to it.

Frank Apokwueze: How do you cope with ladies, I mean actresses especially the upcommers, I'm aware as a director you would have some ladies around you.

Logicman: well, I am not that type of director. When I'm into business, I mean business, in fact no actress can say that I have had her or currently having affairs with her, never. I am that disciplined.

Frank Apokwueze: Have you featured in any film lately?

Logicman: Yes, I featured in a contemporary movie named "Greedy Deception", I played the character of Chika, an aggressive young man easily influenced by his uncle. You would love to watch the movie.

Frank Apokwueze: You directed that too?

Logicman: Yes, I produced and Directed the movie. I even screen-played it.

Frank Apokwueze: Do you belong to any Nollywood guild?

Logicman: Yes I am a registered producer and director. I am a member of Association of Nigeria Movie Directors (ANMD) and also a registered member of Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria (AMP).

Frank Apokwueze: If you were not making movies, what would you be doing?

Logicman: I would be researching and trading cryptocurrencies.

Frank Apokwueze: What is the one job you would give it all up for?

Logicman: Movie making.

Frank Apokwueze: I want to thank you for giving us your valuable time. Where can our readers find you. Are you the social type?

Ofcourse I am active on all social media platforms. Search my name Uzoma Sunday Logicman on any platform to connect with me.

Frank Apokwueze: Thanks Logicman. We, and certainly your fans appreciate this. 


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