My child can’t have an Internet Accessible phone till he or she is 18 says: Minstrel Peace.

Offcourse I know times are changing and we need to become “digitalized” but the internet is not even safe for adults talk less of kids, these kids know more than we do believe it or not, people are creating contents, making posts, posting pictures that might spark curiosity in the mind of that child, there’s literally nothing on this social media which doesn’t have sexuality in it.  

There was a video of some kids I saw who came to a brother to teach them how to do” yahoo” and they wanted to, in their words “blow”.
Kids learn more from what they see not what they’re told.

Imagine wearing a child wigs, for what please? 

As a growing child I was raised in discipline, I dared not stay out past 6pm, even as an adult it still feels unnatural to stay out late, because of how I was groomed somethings still feel very weird to me.  
I used torchlight phones till I was 18, my Dad got a brand new HTC M8 which was there on standby till I turned 18.  

We live in a generation where children feel no need to greet elders anymore all because they’ve seen why they shouldn’t be regarded as minorities, a child of 12 years old o and it’s a result of poor parenting, I’m not yet a parent but they’re things that we weren’t raised with and shouldn’t be because we feel we are civilized.

Bill gates, Steve Jobs(late CEO of Apple), CEO of Google (sundar pichai), CEO of Snapchat ( Evan spiegel) strictly limits their children from the use of internet because they know the disadvantages of these things, (Google it) yet they sell it to you and you train your children by it in the name of exposure, now they’re practicing what they see. 

Children have become so lazy that they feel they can Google answers to their assignments from school rather than search their textbooks for answers like we use to.  

Allow them grow, allow them be children.
These are my reasons and that’s it.  


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