Peter Obi's Promise for a Better Nigeria captures the Nigerian Situation.


I “Peter Obi” will wash away the pains that Nigerians have ever experienced in the history of Nigeria.  I will be the president of all tribes, and in my government, there will be no discrimination.   In my Government, the word, am Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa will be long forgotten, there will just be a Nigerian.   In my government, you will build houses and live in them, you will farm and eat the fruit of your labor, and you will never build in vain again, or will there be cows to eat your farm fruit, because everything will be upgraded that even a cattle rarer will have no time to rare cows in the street of Nigeria.  In my government, any country that wants to buy Nigeria's oil will buy it in Nigeria Naira not dollars again, to help add value to our currency.  I will fight for you, I will keep you safe, I will protect your business, I will protect your homes, I will give you the Nigeria you have ever dreamed for.   In my government, I won't be an “Igbo man” I will be a Nigerian.   ~ PETER OBI


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