4 Key Ways to Standout As an Independent Music Artist

 4 Key Ways to Standout As an Independent Music Artist 


The following are key ways to stand out from the crowd as an independent music artist; 

1. Undivided Focus & Dedication
2. Strategic Positioning
3. Content Creation (Formal & Informal)
4. Collaborations.

 1. Undivided Focus & Attention

As a musical artist, you can become famous if you want to be. Most of the time, the challenge is not usually about money but a clueless strategy on how to proceed with the limited resources at our disposal. 

Within this post, I will try to pinpoint a few strongholds that you need to defeat to make your music career a much more rewarding activity.

As an Independent Music Artist, You have no business doing anything else but music to make money as a musician. I know some will say how do I generate funds to fund my passion?

If your passion for doing music can not be monetized right from the very begining, then I am sorry to burst your bubble, don't pursue it. As an artist, a few ways you can earn while you pursue your dream is to;

1. Setup a Fanpage and a YouTube Channel to create monetization content.

2. Volunteer to sing in bars and if possible startup or organize a team to make that a continual money making venture/activity.

3. If you are really good with music writing, write songs for others and get paid.

4. Start a website to promote your songs and that of other fellow artists.

5. E.t.c

The reason I am emphasizing that you should not do anything else besides music to make money is so you can develop your mental reasoning on possible ways to earn from your craft rather than thinking about possible ways to make money from other side hustle which differs from the core of your passion (music).

The only way to get drenched in water is to completely immerse yourself in water. Any other way won't work. As a musician who wants to be talented and famous, everyone who encounters you must meet you doing music, creating music or possibly in one music event or another.


2. Strategic Positioning

What is Strategic Positioning?

Strategic Positioning can be simply defined as the process of deliberately situating yourself as a brand to improve your relevance with the sole aim of improving your performance worth per hour or to drastically reduce the cost of promoting your brand.

By strategic positioning, we are saying that, an artist can apply certain formats in their lifestyle, routine or business to improve their relevance and performance worth (How a potential client estimates you before engaging you for a business deal) so as to earn more from their craft, business or music or possibly reduce advertising or promotional costs of sustaining the brand that has been strategically positioned.

In a layman's term, strategic positioning can be defined as free and basic rules to be applied in the upgrade of your brand as an artist, that will bring about a higher net worth or possibly lower promotional costs.

From the above, Strategic Positioning seeks to achieve these two relevance factors;

1. To improve your value as an artist.

2. To reduce the cost of promoting yourself as a brand artist.

5 Ways to Achieve Strategic Positioning as a Brand Artist

1. By being Visible.
2. By being Flexible
3. By being Reachable
4. By being Relatable
5. By being RelVisible

1. By Being Visible

How Visible are you? 

Besides the normal mumbo jumbo of uploading and promoting your songs on various platforms, do you have a gradually growing and active fanbase?

For most of us, it is a case of just our Facebook profiles which has a limit of 5,000 friends, this is not good enough in the long run for any artist in search of fame and popularity.

To start with, an artist must be on at least 3 trending social media platforms and also be active while using their services.

When I say Active, I mean you must keep churning out your brand of content like no man's business, you really don't need to worry about the fans and followers yet, they will find you if you have enough worthwhile content to catch their fancy.

Besides Social Media, an artist must be ready to perform for free at events that are likely to expose you. It must not be about making money all the time, offer your due diligence and useful service and you may just steal the attention of that show with your exceptional display of talent.

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