XRP may soon replace Ethereum in the Crypto Space.


From the very first tweet Blackrock plans to sell all their Ethereum holdings due to underway plans by SEC to sue Ethereum. Blackrock seems not to be interested in Ethereum anymore

This is bad news for Ethereum because traders and hoarders may start dumping the Ethereum coin soon and price of coin will continue to drop until Ethereum becomes worthless.

Holding Ethereum now is risky. 

This could be advantageous for XRP because Ethereum and XRP have been at logger heads. Now XRP will have less competition, because Ethereum's strong point in crypto is its support for smart contract. 

XRP just recently began to introduce smart contract which they should have done a long time ago.

If Etherum goes down, developers may turn to XRP to deploy smart contract apps  which will drive up XRP's price by 1,000 or more percent.

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