Sochima Weds Dominic (SoChiDom 2022)

A Serial Multi-Level Marketer at the 7 Income Club Project (Oche Dominic Ogbu) will be tying the nuptial knots today, (8th of August, 2022) with his beautiful and glamorous bride Sochima Theresa Odim.

Mr. Dominic has been a real friend for a very long while now, in reality, I will say he has been closer than a friend and more like a brother. Mr. Dominic is someone who can easily buy into your dream and help you achieve it without any form of compromise as long as the task required is lawful and needs his personal touch and experience.

The short summary of all I am trying to say is that Mr. Dominic is a very reliable personality and a straightforward person. 

I am currently not surprised about the series of events that has been taking place right now from the coordination of the groom’s men to the traditional wedding and up till this very moment, the Wedding Ceremony being a success is a testament of Mr. Dominic’s faithful character and humane personality.

Mr. Dominic, as you take your bride home, I wish you God’s best and a marriage blessed with the fear of God and roped in love, care and understanding.

Hearty Congratulations to;

Sochima and Dominic.

Congratulations to the latest couple in town.