How to Really Make Money Online & from Home In Nigeria


Many find it difficult to start earning a considerable and steady income online, while the process is not rocket science, it is also not a process that you can easily find unknowingly like most of us easily find or discover the love of our lives at first sight. 

To know how to start earning online, you must have to first ask yourself some basic questions like;

1. Why do I need to earn online and not offline?

2. What can I sell that is not a common trait or commodity which I possess or own?

3. Am I a people's person, will my purpose not be better served offline than online?

4. Do people really make money online?

The reason for the above questions is for us to be guided in our quest to make money online. Not knowing who you are may be the first negating factor to losing money online instead of making money and I say this with all confidence, the online space is not for everyone. 

If you ask me, I will tell you that the online space is far more tricky than just having a shop offline and wait for customers to find you. Offline, the mere fact that you have a shop is enough advertisement to get patronage, but online, it is a different ball game.

I am not saying all this to dissuade you, our goal is to make you earn a decent and steady income online and you need to know what you are up against while trying to make money online. 

To our first question;  

Why do I need to Make Money Online?

Below are the reasons why you need to start making money online;

 1. You can start today 

Unlike an offline business where you need to gather capital, there are just so many opportunities online to run with as soon as right now.

2. You Can Have More time for what you value most.

Working online or making money online gives you the ability to create more time for family and other essential past-times.

3. Unlimited Earning Potential

Working for yourself means setting your own objectives and measures of
success. You are responsible for your own income, which means no more
salary, but it also means your income isn’t controlled by a corporate
structure or decided by someone else.
4. You can work in your pajamas - or less
When you work from home, no one knows or cares or is likely to sack you if you had no pants on today.Working from home or working online means working from the comfort of your home. 

5. You are your own Boss  
One of the most rewarding things about working for yourself is knowing
that every move you make is your decision and every success you have is
entirely your own. There’s nothing more freeing than that.
6. You can work from anywhere 
A lot of the digital nomad hype revolves around sharing photos of laptops at the beach. Yes,
that is entirely possible. But, it’s about working where you’re most
comfortable. No more cubicles. No more boardrooms. When you can access
everything online, you can get comfortable and work from your favorite restaurant, work from the airport lounge as you
hop on your next flight - the options are endless. 
To Our Second Question; 
"What can I sell that is not a common trait or commodity which I possess or own?
Another way to rephrase the the above question is thus; "What Can I Do to Make or Earn Money Online?
My Only Answer is: "SELL SOMETHING"
Question: So what can you sell online?  
Answer: Everything 

Now that you know how to make money online, the next point of call should be what can you sell and how do you sell it?
The truth be told, a lot of us made so many lousy and crazy mistakes while starting out and to correct that mistake I will simply say this, to effectively earn more money online, start with selling whatever you have been physically selling offline, online. It is the best way to start and learn as you go. 
Right now, the only obstacle that I see is that you are clueless and you can stop being clueless by googling things up to know more. Google is your friend, 100% of what I know about making money online, I learnt from Google, Google can be your guide, teacher and tutor, the question is are you ready?

Are you hungry enough to seek and search for that information that you seriously need to know about?

If Yes, you will find all that you want to find on Google.
You can also drop a question on this post after reading, so I can enlighten you more on this topic.

Thanks for reading...

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