Your Resolve to continue Is More Important than your decision to start a Business


There is still dignity in labour, the only reason you are being swayed by the progress of others is because you have no structure on ground to build on. Everything grows, your duty is simply to start that business, project or aim at that goalpost, hold the reins every single day and do your best.

It may seem like it is not working but it is and I know so because, while you are at it;

1. People are getting worked up about their lives not working and wishing they were like you.

2. People are getting envious about you discovering success because they can't handle your consistency.

3. The heaven is working wonders and opening doors you never thought could open up.

4. The universe is watching and wishing you will not stop like the others before you.

Let me let you in on something, every endeavour can make you a millionaire, the unanswered question is;

How long can you keep hitting rocks without getting tired, frustrated and defeated?

This will be your test to attain success.

Your success is not in the commencement of that vision but its attainment. How prepared are you for success?

Before you ever desired to do that particular business, many have failed in it and many have succeeded, the issue is never the business but your resolve to pursue it to a definite future and so, you must choose to be either a failure or a winner in that adventure.

Every business will wear you out, it is in their character because businesses don't want sycophants and lazy flag bearers to launch their flags.

Businesses are aware that the top of your career is easier and sweeter and may lead you to jeopardy hence they decided to train every aspiring business man /woman to understand that character, consistency and transparency is more important than money in the business environment.

This is why you can't succeed in business by merely having cash (capital). 

It takes character and consistency to adequately manage cash and build an enviable business from scratch.

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