Affirmation Wednesday

I am Valued
I am Grateful 
I am Worthy
I am Hopeful
I am Happy
I am Awesome
I am Intuitive
I am Beautiful
I am Respected
I am Mindful
I am Optimistic
I am Creative
I am a Leader
I am a Champion
I am Capable
I am Resilient
I am Peaceful
I am interesting
I am Thoughtful
I am Friendly
I am Ambitious
I am Confident
I am Important
I am Loved
I am Responsible
I am Amazing
I am Courageous
I am Empowered
I am Unique 
I am Special
I am all of these and More and I will do Amazing things.

You are all of these things too, let it elevate you and let them dwell in you. 
You are Loved.

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