Boarding School and it's Shinanigans

I believe you can relate to how the most fun things happen when you are absent from school, home or work. That was how I wasn't involved or listed among those to be sacrificed by any of the girls who claimed to be witches in my class back in secondary school.

Remember Grace from my last story? Yes! She was the main character in this one. Grace was a nonchalant classmate, babe didn't take the whole cleanliness thing seriously. Her locker was always a mess Half of her properties were in her class locker, it was that messy. But even though Grace was messy, she is/was smart, eloquent, and also posses an enviable sense of carriage.

I liked her a lot, we got along well, I saw her like my younger sister and we related really well, hence the reason I was shocked my name never appeared in the hoolaboo😅

While I was home, Grace had woken up one day and started confessing to whoever cared to listen that she was a witch, yes! a which. She said she wasn't the only one and went ahead to mention 4 other girls as her sisters in the marine world or wherever they hosted their hang outs. 

Like I said in my previous article, my school is a Catholic missionary school under the Cathedral in Otukpo Benue State, we had a Reverend sister as a principal and also as teachers and administrators. We have a convent in the school compound as well. 
The school doesn't just admit Catholics, it is open to all religions including Muslims, so we had different denominations and everyone worshiped at their designated areas. Before it was changed, everyone in their respective hostels would sing praises and worship then pray afterward and return to their respective beds for light out. 
Fridays we'd have what we called community prayer where all the students come together in front of the longest hostels and pray together. Prayers were led by different religions on different Fridays.
The protestants always lead the longest prayers as they'd ask us to open our mouths to pray for different things one after the other. Whenever it was their turn to lead prayers, we were always tired before it starts😩..

Grace is/was a protestant, so when she made her confession, the leader/President of their denomination took it personal and our school became a prayer ground for days. Out of the 4 girls she called out, I think 3 were Catholics and 4 of them including Grace were in my class, the other one was in Jss 1A.
Out of this 5 girls, I was close to two. Grace and Blessing. From the other 3, one I talk to often, the other never liked me for some reason and I never liked her too. The one in the next class I never really knew well till the confession.
When I came back from my sick leave😄, my dear friend Mercy was seeing me off to the hostel then we stumbled on Grace, she saw me and jerked a bit, me knowing she was dramatic asked "what's doing this one", then Mercy tapped me and whispered, don't talk to her o, I asked why not? 
She said,  don't worry, I'll gist you during prep. Grace on the other hand took a different route and didn't say a word to me. I mean, she was my paddy, what could have gone wrong?
Before Mercy could give me the full gist, I had heard different versions of the incident from the girls in my hostel, and guess what? Instead of being scared like the others, it all sounded funny to me. 

On reaching the class later that night  for the night prep, I met people gathering all over someone lying on the ground and another person kneeling close to her was binding and casting, I struggled to find out who it was and saw that it was Grace, I asked what happened to her and they said she was just sitting in class then she started screaming "leave me alone" then slumped, so they are trying to revive her by praying😄.
Na from there I begin hear all the gists.

To be continued......

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