Don't fall for the Mindgame of Second Guessing Your Self Worth

The heart is manipulative, that is why you need your brain to always be available when it wants to make a decision.
The heart is so innocent but can be evil too.. The heart can be delicate but can also be stiffened.

Why did I start with the heart? 
It works together with the Mind. They are like colleagues who can't do any work unless the other is around. The mind like the heart can be delicate. It retrieves information and sometimes allow these information to control you.
One or two persons treat you unkindly and then the mind starts making you second guess your self worth. It is worse when this unkind treatment comes from people dear to you, friends, lovers, family etc.
The same people that should encourage you.

It is very easy to be manipulated by your senses. But it is easier to shut them down and take charge.
What do you believe about yourself?
Resound words of affirmation to yourself every day. You are worthy, you are phenomenal, Beautiful, intelligent, smart, generous, loving, honest, compassionate etc, therefore, no one has the right to make you feel less. 

Encourage yourself every day, stay around positive people. Whatever you go through, your words about yourself should never change. Hold these words dearly in your mind and in your heart and you will never let anyone make you feel less about yourself.
You are enough! 
You are worthy, 
And you were born worthy.. 
Let your mind and heart believe this.

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