The belief in dreams is of two sides. The first part is the one being witnessed while sleep is in motion, subconsciously there are affairs you witness or experience either as the minority or the majority in the course of the dream. And most times it comes differently from where and what we desire to encounter or become. I call that, subconscious dreams. 

This second caliber of dreams in this aspect is a mapped-out proposition as a human who wishes to be involved in a particular aspect of life where he feels he could fit in. 

These dreams come with a burning desire to pursue them and in the end, get it achieved. Dreams could be realized at a very tender age and at some point in adulthood diverted to another direction, might be a personal change of mind, and the change of mind might be triggered by some internal forces like an ambush (Nigeria). It could also be a result of the growth and development that comes from within (maybe at a such tender age, mostly what they believe or aspire to as major fantasies).

On the other hand, Dreams could also be realized from a tender age and pursued even after migrating to a mature state of mind. This type of dream pursuit right from infancy is rare and hardly held unto. 
Now, human beings are quite funny in some aspects, they err to realize that dreams are just our mere imaginations which could be believed in, worked towards and achieved ONLY if we WORK. 

Some human beliefs are, dreams are things that we are born with naturally OR things that we can learn and do best in. Human’s unenlightened ideology thinks that whatever works for their fellow human will also work for them, why? 
Because you see them flourishing in it. You fail to bring them to a standstill if their flourishing patterns could be easily meted out by you if you join them in the long run. 

These are the moments where people get frustrated at what they do because it's not working for them the way it is working for others. In the long run, you finalize that maybe there was a spell laid on you or a family or village forces against you. 

It is understandable to try out things that work for other people to see if you can fit into it and do well in it but it is also reasonable to know your capabilities in it before joining because if in the long run, it does not favour you, then you have intentionally wasted your time. 

Read and understand yourself like a book on the grounds of specialization where you could flourish and not waste your time.

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