His Death Day (Chapter Three)


"I took to your warnings, I didn't keep the glass on the refrigerator. My colleague in this act was Mark…”  

John has always been careful not to let their son’s name slip from his mouth in the presence of his wife. 
Though it's been a month since Mark left this world. 

“One month? How do you mean leaving the world Dad? Can't anyone hear me or see me?”  This time Mark yelled but no one seems to recognize his presence. 

Yesterday the 21st of October was his birthday,
"How come after the celebration I turned invisible? Wait, is this what they call Death? 

Questions without any answers kept traveling in his brain, then like a twinkle he recalled the last discussion he had with his mom yesterday about birthdays and death days… 

“Could this be the universe's handwork? But it's just a simple question and a suggestion.”

Mark had to face the mirror lo and behold he saw handwriting with black ink like it was being printed permanently on his right wrist… 

And on his left wrist, it was imprinted with… DAY ONE 

“No No No this is a fantasy of mine” he struggled to clean the handwriting on his wrist, and applied water just to scrub it off but the handwritten inscription remained the same. 

Mark had to live as a ghost (dead) for a year because he suggested DEATH DAYS to be remembered. 

The countdown has just begun… DAY ONE (written boldly on his skin)

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