His Death Day (Chapter Two)


The morning came to light accompanied by the chirping of the birds whistling happily like there will be a magnificent ceremony ahead. 
The room where he lay was illuminated by the beautiful sun's rays. 

Mark got irritated by the early morning sun that shone directly in the direction of his eyes. He reluctantly stood from his bed while stretching lazily, although he felt a little bit weird about the lightweight he feels within himself as he stood. 

He shrugs it off and makes his way to the washroom. Though the morning was bright and beautiful he figured out that it was also accompanied by a weird atmosphere. 

He expected his mom as usual to come to pull him out of bed for breakfast. 

“Seems mama decided to take a little break today,” He thought to himself and chuckled. 

After a prolonged wash, just to warrant his mom to come to pull him out as usual. The early morning sun was indeed shining brightly and beautifully as he takes out his laptop for some uploads and updates. 

This time the birds were whistling so loud and slower this time like an arranged noise positioned intentionally that morning. He dragged himself up from the couch and dangled down the stairs headed to the kitchen, his best spot. 

“Morning mom, I noticed you decided to take a break today huh? Well, today! I got up early enough, the training was worthwhile yunno… "  He kept spilling words as he gulps a glass of water. 

His mom with a dormant face while tending to walk to the other side of the kitchen walked through Mark without stumbling into him...

Mark being frightened as hell dropped the glass of water as it shattered with its pieces spread on the bare floor. 

“I told you to stop dumping your glass cup on the fridge John, now it's fallen and is broken. You better come clean up this mess!” His mom yelled at her husband thinking it was him. 

“I'm here mom!”...
(Clearly, Mark was invisible)

To Be Continued... 

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