How to be loyal to your Alarm Timer (Part 1)

First, let's begin with the hormones in your body system. They are likened to a 2-year-old child who is written out as humans with foggy reasoning (I don't think they reason either). Now you take your 2-year-old to school every morning for him before she begins to realize or master the basics of the school system. Even when your 2-year-old is UNWILLING to go inside the learning auditorium but you force him either by handing him over to teachers and then take to your heels or by assuring him to go in with the lie that you are going to buy his snacks for the day at school. 

This is so with the body system, just the same way a mother owns her baby that's the same way you own your body and you decide what it should get acquainted with or not. Now it is very rare to see a parent take his 2-year-old to school without the child creating a scene by letting out a shout or cry when its owner begins to leave for home. But it is quite important that the child attends school and you couldn't have taken the child back home because he was crying. After all, you know he would eventually stop the protest one day and begin to enjoy school (not primarily enjoy but at least, he will be aware that this is where he goes every morning irrespective of his protests). 

This illustration can be moved and compared to our bodies and ourselves, this is where I would point out that human beings are hilarious. We protested at infancy for being left in school and then we are protesting again at our alarm clock/timer as adults.
In the same way, an infant needs relaxation or perhaps having especially his mother around him with those pleasurable feelings called "peace of mind" which is being obstructed when they are exported to school, that's the same way adults crave enjoyment and relaxation which makes them grumble or ignore their alarms. 

Well, one could say this one is different because you intentionally set the alarm for yourself but at an infant stage your parents decided that for you. If anybody could leave such a comment I would agree to it but right here and now I will make it clear,  
… the body is the infant and YOU are the parent/guardian of it…

The way a parent runs away after handing over the child to teachers or perhaps assuring him that he would come back with his snacks should be the same way you should reassure your body about the benefits or goodies you both would gain if the mission for the night is accomplished OR leave your body and run away into the deeper part of the reason of your waking up at an odd hour because sometimes no matter how you try to convince your body, because it's designed with pleasure and relaxation, and may not listen to you. That's why you have to run deep into the business of the day before it would realize what's going on. 

Now leaving you to understand the theory about your body and your alarm using the infant and the parent as an illustration and how it works, in all, you have to take care of yourself. 
If you have an alarm, your phone or a normal clock always at the end of your bed waiting to ring and wake you up from your almost eternal slumber, you also need food beside you as quite often as the alarm is beside you. 

C'mon, I know you have mapped out goals to be reached, but your body is also being compared to another variety of a living being apart for you who needs a meal and a break to function. 

BUT, You might be brain focused only on that goal but have you thought about your body? 

Have you thought about how your goal will be put to an end if a peradventure anything bad as death could happen to your body? 

Follow me for more as I dig deeper into how you could stay loyal to your alarm clock and vice versa. 
Let us learn a lesson this day... 

To be continued…

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