I Really don't know when I will Arrive, but I know the Destination


My name is Frank Apokwueze Jnr, I bear the same first name with my dad, the reason for the "jnr" (junior) that was added to my name. I am by the grace of God the Chief Blogger on FRANKAPOKWUEZE.COM

The main reason for this article is not to talk about me but to inform you on how to easily get hold of our daily updates without you needing to stress about it.

Yes, I and a couple of smart content creators are here to make your day (every single day) a blessed one.  While Akor Dorcas will make you forget the sorrow or challenge in your day, Nancy Amarachi will almost make you understand the political reason behind eating Garri and Groundnut and what should be done to fight the status quo.

Basically, we are here to make your day a better one and what better place can you be found, if not on FRANKAPOKWUEZE.COM.

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