Just Like the Breadfruit.

Now I understand this configuration about life. Just like the breadfruit in its original state like a colony on its own before being dispersed and divided according to the owner's needs, some are being cooked (with a critical pattern or cooking if not it shall be a waste) and some are being fried. 

The World was one and even, according to the Biblical explanation about time passed, before a cause for their oneness to be divided was placed into consideration. 

This part of the world where we live in can be compared to the cooked breadfruit, as it requires critical rules and standards to be palatable.  
Apart from the critical rules, it takes a lot of time before it becomes palatable. 
The other humans in the other part of The world can be likened to fried breadfruits. 
They realized that being fried might take out a lot of heat from them as a result of the fire and also exhaust a lot of energy because you have to keep turning it. They wanted to run away from making a mistake while cooking and wasting the meal. 

This was a pearl of applied wisdom. But the funniest part is, as humans we can't be contented with eating only fried or only cooked breadfruits. 

The craving for the other version will always be a challenge. 

The point in this entire discuss is that every thought process or configuration will one day be acceptable and relatable.

Everyone can't be the same. 
Do not look down on your state.

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