Love ME like I Want It and How I Like It


What is love to me?
How do I know that I am loved by you?
Is it just what I see? What if it's not shown right?
Is it what you say? How you say it matters

I want to be loved Generously, the feeling that of not having any worries.. Not that you can solve all my problems but because I have financial security in you. Be intentional about me..

I want to be loved Desperately.. Be afraid of losing me, let me know I am very important in your life and that without me you'd be unstable.. Don't go a day without me. Make me feel needed...

I want to be loved Passionately.. Let the fire ignite when we talk, when we are together, let me feel your emotions, pay attention to me, I want the feeling that you can't do without me...

I want to be loved Romantically.. Surprise me, tell me beautiful things about me that you love, tell me how I mean to you, tell me how you feel when I'm not there. Tell me how I make you feel..I want to feel like you'd do anything for me.

Love me Sincerely... Let lies be like fire in your mouth, tell me the truth always, I don't want to doubt your words....

Love me Sacrificially.. Give up on things that upset me, make me feel like I matter to you more.

Love me Consistently.. When you start, don't stop, don't get tired of showing me love, if you get tired, it means it was a facade. Love me genuinely and always.

How do you want to be loved???

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