Mental Reasoning Must Produce Results

There is never a thing that you do now that nobody has done. That is why in our primary school, there is what we are being taught a particular subject called "the uniqueness of man”. This thing called uniqueness is the ability that man has to invariably relocate from the normal sense of what everybody does even when it will lead to the same type of result, especially in gaining a lot of attention. 
Many folks on earth are trying to run away from things the world is doing, seeking to find out what the world hasn't done. 
Really? How is that even possible? 

That is why some people are yet to acknowledge the fact that they can easily start up something for themselves because they bear the knowledge that "everybody is doing it”.
Create your strategy and work towards creating what I call” awareness”. It is the same outcome, yes, but let the beginning part be lucratively arranged in such a way that you would feel satisfied that you were not alright with moving with the crowd. 
Every man has this same reasoning, it's your ability to bask out from it is that pronounces you to have a valid sense of reasoning. Thus, stagnancy has made a gateway to the hearts of many, why? Because they're still” thinking” about what no one has ever done. 

A man in a movie once said "it would be better if I imitate the plans already set plans of another than thinking what no one has ever done”. Now, one should be able to understand before you start thinking, you must have known as a person if that is suitable or not.  
In my different block, I believe that what you are doing is not thinking, you're majorly creating what we call a headache because THINKING connotes being able to distinguish between correct and incorrect reasoning. That's why thinking is associated with logic. Thoughts, in a normal sense, should bring RESULTS and not a problem. 

If you're reading this article, it will be better that you practice this." 
THOUGHTS should be able to bring results ASAP and not headache(problem).
Let us be wise in these things.

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