My Dreadlocks Journey (Conclusion)

Before I start, I wanna thank all you lovely people that come here every day since I started this blog.. Thank you for the support, I don't take it for granted.  Your own no go ever spoil. Amen.

Before I went to lock my hair, I had looked for stylists in my home town (Otukpo, Benue State) that knows how to lock hair, I asked people I felt would know but no one had any referral so my only option was to go to Makurdi, a one hour thirty minutes (now much farther due to the terrible roads 😒) journey as I got a stylist  referred by a dear friend. 

I told my mom about my decision and how I'd have to journey that far to get it done. Mumcy couldn't make meaning out of all I said, she was wondering the kind of hair that'd require me to travel all the way to Makurdi (it was the festive period so she was concerned), well, I told her it was not a regular kinda hair so not a lot of people knows how to do it. 

Omo! Y'all needed to see the disappointment on my mom's face when I came back home the next day🤣. She went, so I didn't make the hair again? I said ah ah! This is it na, she weirdly looked at me and said "this thing?" Lol, I was amused and sad at the same time. She and my uncle made fun of my hair till I left the house to Abuja. 😒😔

Remember I said I thought I could carry the locks for months before going to relock right? Well, so I thought.. One month later, my hair was already looking rough and unkempt, I sha carried it for  two months before relocking. 
After that, I was doing it every end of the month, this didn't sit well with me as I was still spending monthly and had to go through the painful process too. Basically, nothing changed. I wasn't having it, I was already getting tired of the particular look, even with the different stylings.
Plan was to carry it for a year, if I succeeded, there's a possibility I might decide to continue. It happened differently.  

Second week of October, 2022 I was down with a serious flu and malaria, it took me 3 weeks to recover, I was absent from work for close to 2weeks, it was that bad. 
It was so bad that during the second week of the ailment I felt like I was running mad, my head was banging like crazy, I wanted air to enter my brain. 
One of those days I took a scissors and wanted to cut my hair, I was tired, but somehow, I didn't succeed. I decided to call my stylist to ask if she can take out dreads without cutting my hair, she said yes and the next day I went there. Before we started, I begged her to save me any sermon on being patient and just take it off.
It took 10 hours to loosen my hair, by the time we were done, I couldn't feel my bum, I actually took my last injection that day, as tired and weak I felt afterwards, it was nothing compared to how relieved I felt, my head was less heavy, I could feel the breeze in my brain, taking out the locks was the best decision at that time, there was nothing anyone would have said to change my mind.. If you ask me, I tried.  9 months no be beans..

 My respect to those who have had theirs for years and still counting.. Dreadlocks is not for the faint hearted. Take it from me.

Next, I'd be talking about how I almost got entangled with two (one married and the other was about to be) men.

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  1. It's really not for the faint hearted. You tried

  2. Knowing you has been an experience and surprisingly, your dreadlocks journey was all I needed to gain this experience which has opened my eyes to the realities that you, my mum and my daughter are probably from the same stock. You guys don't want to experience any kind of hair pain.