My Dreadlocks Journey Pt. 2

After I was done cutting my hair, I thought I was gonna regret it, instead, I loved it.. I didn't look too different as I thought I'd do.

When I got home, my nephew was pissed, dude cried, he was really mad, I had to give him all sorts of reasons as to why I had to cut my hair. In the end, he calmed down and got used to it after a while.

Fast forward to December 2020, I was admiring a friends hair, she had this foine afro and I wanted that, I asked her what she did to her hair and she said Jerry curl.. No be olden days something bedat? I asked, she said no it's back...
Well, I liked how her hair was so I asked for all the information, she gave me and we proposed a date she'd take me to the stylist.. Sometime in January, we went there, the man did a nice job, my friend said mine came out way better than hers, I was happy with my new look.

I carried the jerrycurl for more than half of the year, in fact! In my CDs that was my identification. Lol, I enjoyed every bit of that hairstyle I won't lie.
The curls started wearing out, although it took longer than it lasted for others. In fact, the stylist told me it'd last for 3-4 months.
I was back to the virgin hair and now I have to start struggling with combing. I needed another escape route, attachment self became too expensive and for those who know me well, if I carry a particular hair more than 3 weeks, I don try well, e fit enter my head, after 2 weeks I go begin loose hair! 
Aside getting tired of a particular look, I have a very serious dandruff situation so my scalp starts  scaling and the hair starts getting old too quickly. All of these conflicts, what should I do? 
Then I thought about locking my hair, I mean, I won't have to comb my hair ever again 🤣, It'd take me 2-3 months before I'd think about going to the saloon (this particular thought I later realized is a big iro😒) aside going for a wash day.. But then again, can I do these? 
That means I'd have to carry a particular hair style for a really really long time.

It took me time to come to terms with locking my hair, I just had to weigh the pros and cons of it and from the little I knew about dreads, I was convinced it was the best decision. December 27th 2021.. I locked my hair.

To be continued..

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