My Entanglement (Conclusion)

The next morning, we left for the village. I ran into Jerry before we left, said hi but uncle was still packing face for me, as a babe and speck that I am, I respected myself and ignored him too. 

After I was done with the bride's makeup, she stepped out with her first outfit.  I went out to make a video, then I bumped into Tom, dude was following me up and down, he said he wanted to have a talk with me. I told him we'd talk when the bride goes out with her final attire.
Jerry saw me talking to Tom and the dude came talking to me, he asked if he should get me a drink. He got me a bottle of Malt and went ahead to escort the groom out.

While that was happening, Tom came looking for me, we sat in the sitting room and dude with his annoying phone started choking me with love talk, how he really fancy me and all that talk that seems weird to me cause we literally just met briefly yesterday.
I told him I don't just like people immediately like that and he should take things slow. As we were talking, Jerry came peeping and saw us talking, Oga got mad and left 🀣 

After the ceremony, we were waiting for vehicles to take us to the hotel, Jerry came and was lamenting and begging me to stay away from Tom, that Tom is based abroad and he's intimidated by him. 
That Tom told him earlier to please leave me for him, that he's going to spoil me silly, that I should please stop talking to him blah blah blah.. I sha cut am warning, told him he can't control who I talk to or not. By that time, I was already tired of the two of them. 

The next day, we got to Abuja, Jerry begged that we hang a bit before I go home, I agreed, like I said, I liked him.
We got to Abuja and dude said we should go to his house πŸ˜’, I said Oga weldon o, I no go, he now suggested we go find some place to eat and talk, we did, but he was still saying the same thing. 
Marriage talk up and down (It turns me off when you start marriage talks with me immediately). That's how Tom started calling me nonstop (he collected number from the groom) I picked and the dude was asking plenty questions, where are you? Where did you go to with Jerry? Hia! Who be dis?

I ignored his calls sha, dude was calling like mad, 10-15 calls nonstop and I am not exaggerating. I ignored his calls and he started sending me insulting messages. How he mistook me for a virtuous woman but I am just cheap and easy. I said okay o, thank you. Oya move on!

I was still talking with Jerry. We met after the wedding and continued talking. 2 weeks later, He said he wanted me to visit him so I'd know where he stays.. I followed him to a place but we sat in the car outside. Told him I was not ready to get that comfortable with him yet.

One day Jerry called me via video call and while we were talking, I head a female voice and the sound of bucket, he immediately turned off the call, I just laughed and went about my day. 
He called later, I didn't pick, he texted and said she's just a random person and it was just sex, that I have been delaying and he was lonely, I said Oga, carry on. 

Stop calling me.

We stopped talking for a month, one day I was going through people's statuses on Whatsapp and viola, my friend who's wedding we attended posted his wedding pictures congratulating him 🀣🀣🀣
Chineke! Hooow?? I laughed and told her how dude has been disturbing me and all, (somehow, I didn't ask her about any of these guys cos I like to find out things myself, hearsay is not my thing).
She told me Tom the Americana is a married manπŸ˜„.. That one texted me two days later (he sent those insulting messages) apologizing for calling me names and that he was wrong about me, that he asked around and he got to know I didn't follow Jerry home that day and he's sorry.
I blocked him after reading that and I never heard from him again. She also said the area Jerry took me to wasn't where he lived that he and his fiance have been living together for almost a year.

I sent Jerry a congratulations and said I can't believe you called your fiance a random person and I pray he does not cheat on his wife in the nearest future. Oga still get mind tell me say I was not serious, if not he was serious about me Blocked!!! 

They have been saying things about Abuja men, I didn't believe till that first-hand experience. Be careful out there, these men would say or do anything just to sleep with you. 

The End..

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