New Nigerian Currency Alert


Bittersweet memories, that is what we recall every day of our lives. 

We had that same joy I had when a bill was passed on a new polymer currency in 2009. At least, the joy was complete then because it came to reality, beautifully. 

At some point, we felt we were being deceived in this society. 

I think their motive stems from the desire to embezzle part of the 50 billion naira budgeted for the so-called redesign of currency. And the fact that they after making the masses believe they have plans for the economy to catch those who have embezzled money but in the real sense they're not. They're after more hidden motives than anyone outside can even imagine...

Given how emotional it could be to compare the past to now, we still love you(my country). Because we live in you, we grew up in you, can't deny you. 
No matter how the changes get hard on you, will always love you. Things have got hard on you I get it, but you transferred the heat to us. 

You were piloted wrongly, it's okay I understand. You just have to help us to help you. We can all get out of this mess my love (Nigeria) Together we can do this. I see your tears and I feel your pains, it's ripping through my heart but I know it's not going to be forever. 

What a free prison we live in, but it's okay. 
Where there's life, there's hope.

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