Nothing is Accepted without Concrete Evidence

Man's faculty is based on two levels of reasoning, logical reasoning and reasoning based on what has always been believed. 

As a human, being able to think or make a declaration through the use of evidence which supports the conclusion of your point of view is what we all call logic. 

Logic only deals with figuring correct or incorrect reasoning, the world has gotten deep into logical propositions, why? Because there is always a good piece of evidence to support one's logic whether it be good or bad. 

The globe is no more prying in truthful propositions, especially, ones without evidence for clarification. They are better off proceeding with false statements ONLY when its proof is being provided reasonably. 

Have you wondered by obvious fallacies always spread wide and are massively believed? Well, you could count your teeth with your tongues inside your mouth hole. 

Now let me make a simple reasoning, when you are a believer in either a statement or a doctrine, hold unto a proof, a proof, you are very sure of which defends the conviction you have at hand. 

It's the structural proof that you have worked on and accumulated that will trigger that enthusiasm in you to deliver the conclusion. 

Being logical is simple, whether true or false only when you are with your evidence. Humans will always be humans as I always say before you end up distributing that logicians are fibbers, also be enlightened that there was a piece of evidence which YOU half-way or totally believed. 

So before concluding on that yet, learn to brood deeply into digging out proofs about the truth and stand on your belief.

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  1. Logically Speaking and deducted from your submission, It is possible to be acquitted of a crime I committed if concrete evidence can be provided that I was never at the scene of the crime when the crime was committed.

    If this is true, then I humbly submit that there is a great difference between the truth as the law claims it to be and what actually happened (reality).

    We should all thread carefully