Reasons Glorious Eagles in the Race of Humanity never Fly

Most African cultures are enslaving some destinies, this is what I refer to as "African culture gone wrong”. 

In Africa, the old are placed in high esteem, well, not just because of tradition but because it's a tested fact BUT to an extent. As a result of this configuration, the old take it up as a prospect that it is what it is. 

In the African culture, the young are mandated to keep mute, though it's a sign of respect but it is practically forcing them to accept whatever proclamation they make and regard it as the right conclusion.

The African culture has embraced the above, not knowing that some elders are not wise, they only use their status as being elderly as a camouflage to compromise. 

This act of coercion being forced down the throat of our younger generation to accept whatever flows from their mouthpiece automatically kills their self-esteem because they're not being allowed to express their truth and wisdom in any particular situation or matter.

If you could look through the tiny space between facts, you'd realize that this is majorly the situation causing most of the problems in the country. 

As a youth in the African society, I have come to realize that the majority of the elderly hate the young voice; no matter how knowledgeable you are, they tend to shut you up.
Most foreign countries honor knowledge a lot, they embrace your opinion as long as it's making a great impact regardless of your status as a person. They tend to balance that equation of respect. 

I am not in a space of comparison here but at least when we witness good and favorable things we tend to copy and spice up our lives a bit.  Don't get me wrong when I talk about foreign countries because I reasonably used the word "most”.

If we could at least adjust from that notion that has kept most young ships from sailing, things would amount to getting better if and only if knowledge is being honored. 
Everyone has a vision, young or old. Never silence others or keep mute because of age brackets. 

Let us learn to balance this equation of respect, we're all humans.

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