The Career driven and the Hustlers

Back in the day, going to school and graduating was a big deal. One's course was a pride no matter what it was. Going to School is still a big deal, it's just not highly recommended for some people anymore.

It is so now because of the different circumstances our country is facing. Now, most people working in offices are forced to go through the stress of having a hustle on the side. So you work Monday to Friday then from Saturday to Sunday.

In all of these, they are people whose focus is working on one job. This is not because they are lazy or stubborn, it's because they are more career driven than bustling and hustling.
I see people throwing advises here and there talking about how important it is to have a "handwork" but the truth is, not everyone is cut out for hustling and it is not a bad thing. Some people prefer to follow career paths, others entrepreneurship, some can manage both, and some can't handle the stress of self-employment or having a side hustle. 

Just because you are lucky with nursing a business on the side or being self employed does not make the other person who just wants to find a job and work, then get paid by the end of the month an unserious person. A lot of us have inbuilt skills, while others need to acquire them. It is easy to tell a sibling, a neighbor or a friend to go learn how to make clothes, hair, or something in the tech area, but we forget not everything is for everyone. 

Some people are slow to learn, while others get it within a short period of time, how many people are willing to take their time to teach the slow learners?

If you have attempted doing business but it didn't work out, or you are the type who finds it hard to start up a business but enjoys working as an employee, there's nothing wrong with you. 
Eventually, if you are smart, you'd acquire the knowledge of what your company or organization does and end up becoming a boss one day. We all have our different specialties, so if you want to be a hustler, be a hustler, let the other person follow their career path.
Let's not pressure each other, instead, lets support our choices.


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  1. Thanks for this objective expose on the The Career driven and the Hustlers, You actually just renewed my faculties with a superior argument and I concur. We have actually been so hard on those relatives/friends whom we want to act out our scripts just because we were lucky with our choice of career path not minding if they will fit in perfectly.