The Dark Book (Chapter Two)

I began with the first page, 

"At the time of the ancient century when humanity came to be a known fact, there was a struggle for power in the world of the supernatural. The dark power fought for superiority over the others, unfortunately, got captured and imprisoned after much havoc. Though some from the dark side are less dangerous, they always have a specific feature about them.” 

“He had no fleshly body to live in to be touchable but you can easily see the black smoke when he walks by. He wanted to be worshiped with the claim that he deserved it. But mind you, you cant play carelessly with fire.”

“He was locked up inside a book meant for catastrophic dark powers, for the benefit of others' convenience.”

“100 years later, the dark magic found an escape route from an enchantment relayed to him by one of his kingdom lovers. Though the book was hidden in an underground where no living could trespass. But after his escape, it was noticed. 
It was discovered that the book has been trans-located and no one knew where and how. According to further findings, the book was taken to the human world. There, he can't operate without a body to own… "

I was then interrupted by Miss Lucy, the librarian. 

“Hello my dear, what are you doing there, that part of the library has been abandoned for years, aren't you scared of the weird environment?”  Miss Lucy asked me with her sweet mellow voice but then I assured her that I was okay with it and not scared either. 

Meanwhile, my gaze and focus were all fixed on the words of the unknown book. I wanted to disconnect from the gradual telling of the story but I found myself trapped the picture of the unfolding details… 

To Be Continued...

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