Understanding Quotes (Reshaping one's destiny) and many others

I just had a deep insight into this in a video I watched some of the time with my phone. Also, in one way or another, I had pondered on how people either take every quote of the day that they see on a daily basis without it having to soothe their present life or they misunderstand quotes knowingly or unknowingly.
Now, thus,  I have made some underground research and realized that people turn quotes, especially motivational quotes into a different meaning far from what the writer tries to illustrate into a meaning that would either encourage their stupidity or enhance their rigidity in their stupidity with the stand that it is their destiny. 

This quote I’m dishing about is "Our destiny is in our hands to reshape”
In this essence, I believe that the writer tries to create a picture in our head of how WE as humans, could perhaps be able to reshape our destiny if at all we could be making a backward step knowingly or unknowingly. I know most times, a quote confuses a lot, and this is caused by some writers who are always unable to make choices of their words(diction) in a way the readers will be able to comprehend. 

In my wider experience, I have seen so far, "quotes" in quote shape this society that we live in, it all depends on the ones you read and your ability to understand it because some quote writers are tricky and tend to conceal the direct meaning of what they have written. 

Also, I would love to add this, "Not all quotes are related to your life, so accept not all quotes.” This is the most terrible thing individuals do that end up adding fuel to their already burning roof. Writers have accomplished their best part to share quotes to help people with their crises, it is now in your hands to read and understand if it suits your condition at the moment and if it could HELP you then apply it. 

Most times the life or butterflies that we might be chasing could not have been what is destined for us by the universe, but because you WISH to love it as a career you keep chasing it and always carry this quote "Never give up” in your head when you keep failing and failing at every turn-up (I know failure is compulsory to be seen in life but there is a limit), getting angry and frustrated. 
There is a near chance that this might lead you to depression even unknowingly to you. We must find out vividly what destiny the universe had set in for us, shape it in a societal suitable way and not to use quotes we barely understand the root of it or might be UN-comprehended by you to disorganize yourself as a human in destiny hunt.

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