We can Forgive but why can't we Forget?

Forgiveness is an action carried out for the purpose of peace especially for oneself. At least that is how I'd define it. Bearing grudges has got to be one of the hardest things to do, for me that is. 
There's a lot of energy draining activity that comes with it that I can't handle. You are mostly always thinking about the person, you are uncomfortable with when the two of you are in the same space, there would be a lot of familiar conversations but you can't involve him or her because you both have a fallout.

Forgiving others for anything is mostly for ourselves, for it is in forgiveness that we heal. 
But why is it hard to forget? 
If we forgive why can't we forget? 
I mean, no one likes remembering betrayal, lies, arguments, fights etc.. Why is it always the painful part of life that we can't forget easily? You'd do 99 good stuff for someone, but if the 100th is bad, it overshadows the good stuff.

Negativity always has a way of messing with our heads, pain is more obvious than joy. It's not our fault that we cannot forget after we forgive, pain is recognized and reacted to more than joy, I guess that is why we shed tears of Joy, instead of focusing on the goodness, the mind starts recounting all the sad events in ones life resulting to crying and breaking down, that is supposed to be gratitude anyway, but pain can't let joy walk alone. I think they walk hand in hand 🤔

I probably may not be making sense, but all of these and more were the things my mind kept pondering on today, I hope I used the right words to project my thoughts.

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