A Letter to Our Senior Citizens

Dear Senior Citizens, 

I know it's difficult to accept the restrictions and limitations towards some activities you use to engage in but it is for the good of society and yourself. Our young ones have been deceitful, yes, because we end up with a prideful look and never come to think that it wouldn’t last forever. This is also the major reason men and women tend to destroy their lives and then call it Juvenile Delinquency. 

Old Age?
Hmm, I find it somewhat big in my mouth to express all I have to say about this at once. This could be likened to anything at all, even trends. This age comes with sickness, memory loss, and being easily duped and played on. Nothing is amazing and nice as something brand new, it gives us that ego and charisma ONLY for that moment. Take for instance when an item is bought anew, it only loses its value when it starts to fade in colour and quality, especially a fanciful commodity. 

Although things get old and could still maintain their value, for instance, Great Books. Books could rust and get dusty maybe torn but are still placed in high esteem because of the valued contained within and without and the impact that they are capable of giving when read. 
Now enough of inanimate materials, let's move over to humans. There are two types of individuals when old, people get very grateful because they are looked upon by the younger generation as a people to be consulted like books or wisdom bags. The other caliber of people who get old and afterwards are taken as a face to make fond of and crack jokes with are people who had nothing to offer till their old age. Although it is obvious that old age comes with a very funny face and most times ugly faces that you can't help but laugh or get disgusted at their looks, yes, I agree but just like old dirty and torn books illustrated above, most of them are valued because of what they’ve got. 

Old age displays to the world how unfit one could be in a position. It gives humans a symposium of caricature, especially those who have been marked unworthy by the masses. Nigerian political opponent for the next year's election portrayed that one attribute of how old age has embedded in him for a lifetime and also made him unfit for the position he is seeking.
It is quite funny how you could be on a launch, conveying your domino as an aspirant for the presidency then you completely forget the particular word you needed to use at the moment which Nigerians (media) now use as a medium for comedy with the name: "Different Shades of Blue”.
Have you seen what it caused you? 

There are limits to most positions in life, it is no one’s fault and neither is it any form of discrimination but a call from nature. A Mistake was done 8 years ago and cabals were blamed for it. The eyes are awake now, and we carefully do not want to repeat the past. 
The old needs to rest for they have indeed walked on the Earth for so long, I appeal for your health. 

                Love  from 

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