Another Period Awareness Short Story

Act one
Scene one

The weather at Hope Alive secondary school seemed rather cozy, it rained earlier, so there were few students who partook in the long break after the morning classes. Ene, a Jss1 student was among those who went out for the break, she is seated on a bench close to the school kiosk munching her biscuit with a pack of satchet water. A girl walked towards her bench with a bottle of Fanta and sausage roll and sat beside her. Ene, who is not very comfortable made a move to get up but the girl stopped her.

Ochanya: Nooo, you don't have to leave on my account, I just want to share the bench with you while I eat. (Stretching her hand for a handshake she asked). Ene right?

Ene: (surprised, but shook her hand anyways) Yes. You know me?

Ochanya: Of course, who doesn't? We attended the same primary school, Prideful Kids Academy, I was the uniform prefect 2015 set.

Ene: (remembering with a smile) oh! I remember now, the one that made us wash our uniforms everyday.

Ochanya: (laughing). I never asked you guys to do that na.

Ene: you didn't, but we were sent home for any stains as tiny as a pinch on our uniforms.
(Both laughing).
You are suppose to be in SS2 now right?

Ochanya: nooo, I'm in SS1. Care for my sausage roll?

Ene: (with a tempted look on her face).. No, I'm fine, thank you.

They both sat for a while reminiscing before the bell rang for all students to return to their classes. Ene (because she was in JSS1 rushed up, she knows she dare not spend another minute, as seniors would start hunting for juniors who would be lingering outside after a few minutes.) As she stood up to leave, Ochanya immediately pulled her back to her sit.

Ochanya: (pulling her). Ene, sit down!

Ene: (confused)... What is it? I need to get back to my class immediately, I wouldn't want to become a prey to any of these wicked seniors.

Ochanya: Are you aware that you are stained? 

Ene: (confused). Stained??? With what? (she tried to check herself)

Ochanya: Menses blood. Why didn't you wear something? A tissue or something?

Ene: (scared and almost teary, she said to herself) not again.

Ochanya: (touching her shoulder). What do you mean not again? Have you been in this situation before?

Ene: (now almost shedding tears). It happened two days ago, I thought I hurt myself, I had to change my underwear three times. I didn't see it yesterday, so I was happy the injury was dried up, but now it's back (she broke down in tears).

Ochanya: (almost laughing). You mean to tell me you don't know what menstruration is? 

Ene: Menstruation? What is that?

Ochanya: (removing her cardigan and handing it over to Ene to tie on her waist).. Here, tie this round your waist and follow me to the rest room, I will explain to you on our way. Just promise me you'd tell your mom what you are experiencing once you get home.
I wonder why you didn't the first day you saw it.

Ene: I wanted to, but I imagined the beating she'd give me if I told her I hurt my bum bum.

Ochanya: (now laughing uncontrollably). She wouldn't have beaten you up knowing what it is.

They both got up and started walking while Ochanya explained what Menstruation is to her.

To be Continued...

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