Christmas Gifting


I am supposed to write this at the end of Christmas but it'd be better to do it now cos it might interest someone or encourage people who are finding it difficult to shop for a gift for their families and friends.

I am not gonna talk about gifting a lover or a friend,  I'd be focusing on family, parents especially.

I have a mom who I can't really tell what kinda of gift pleases her, I have never seen my mom very excited receiving something from me, not that she doesn't appreciate them, I just never get that bubbly happy dance from her, no matter what I'm giving her. So whenever I wanna buy something for my mom, I go for things either on the higher prices or unique sorta cos I want to get that joy I want from her.

When I presented all I got for my mom to her yesterday and got the usual method of gratitude from her, I kinda felt bad, then suddenly, it dawned on me, I have never asked my mom what she likes. 

During the course of dating, we ask our partners their favorite colours, meals, fun time etc. but we never ask our parents or siblings these questions. Some of us don't even know our family members favourite colours, we just assume that because we have lived with them for so long, we know what they like.
Maybe the reason why I don't get the reaction I want from my mom is cos I'm giving her things I like for her and not what she wants, or maybe that's my mom's best show of appreciation and I should just accept it.

So, today, ask your mom, dad, siblings what they'd like to be gifted with. Ask them what color(s) they like better, favorite meal etc. This way, when you gift them, they'd really appreciate it. 
I hope this helps😇🥰😊

Compliment of the season good people.

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