Compromise "The Way Forward"


Compromise according to Oxford dictionary is "the expedient acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable."
To put it in my own word I'd say finding a common ground that'd appeal to two or more parties without favouring one, more than the other.
"When two people make a compromise, they essentially agree to meet in the middle. For example, Ann and David agree to go on a date. Ann wants to see a movie, but David would rather go to the beach. In the end, they agree to go out to dinner instead" 
Above is an excerpt from Google. The two bodies wanted different things, but in the end, they both settled for something that involves the two of them and still with the same reason, at least for their next dates, they'd have the opportunity to explore the other options.

Another good definition I got from Google is "Compromising is finding the middle ground between you and your partner's wishes, habits, or preferences. Compromise means partners come together for critical decision-making around how they will live together, spend their time, or accomplish chores"
Now, a lot of people don't get to this part of their relationship before walking down the aisle. While some don't bother about the consequences others just feel marriage would fix it. 

Yes,  they might get lucky and never have to drag yet to be discussed issues forward or never hit  nowhere in the future but it is advisable to always have that talk. 

In a healthy relationship, you may not always feel happy and well intentioned, but you love the other person and want to bring your best to the table as often as you can. You won't always approach a compromise joyfully and ready to sacrifice well for the sake of the relationship, but you'll do your best"
Emphasis on "you will do your best"
If I complain about a habit of yours I don't like, I am not expecting you to stop abruptly, I understand that it takes time, you doing your best for me in this situation is you curtailing the frequency of that habit. You probably might not stop it for a while, but me seeing the effort of you trying your best so that even though it isn't easy for you to stop it immediately you are willing to not do it often or do it in front of me so we don't end up throwing words around over and over again at each other is a healthy step.

I see compromise as an influence on love and respect. The willingness to please your partner, the fact that you put your partner above these common things showing that they are things your partner can give but these things can't so you'd rather "Choose your partner."
 The worse thing anyone can ever do is  picking an object or a habit over you. That can break you, your ego, self respect and dignity all at once. But the good thing is, these things can't take us completely. We go through the dark times, experience the hurt and we come out all strong and prepared to start all over again.

If you ever get to that stage of compromise and you are unable to meet in the middle, please, take a pause and reconsider, it might be the universe trying to give you a clear message.

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