Death At Once

 "I want him dead." Allen bluntly said on the phone.

 “My name is Allen and I'm never regretting ever killing him.”

She had this toxic spouse who is all bent on sapping all she always work hard to bring home. He lost his job some weeks ago and his inability of getting another one always keeps him in a miserable state. He did not for once ever thought that this kind of situation will befall him. 

He grumbles every day, moody and restless. According to his tribe, if you are a man and your wife is providing for daily meals, you are a failure. But Allen never saw it that way, they’ve not had a child yet so she feels there's nothing wrong with her providing food for both of them at least till her husband is stable again. 

But 5 months passed, and the bills got much and it wasn't funny anymore but she wanted to keep doing it since it was also her home, this made Allen start working overtime just to get all the credits because she also needed to pay the bills in the house. Although, the husband kept persuading her to use the money they've been saving up for kids to at least add up. She disagreed and shun that idea because she believed that one day she was going to produce a child. 

There was this man, he was her business partner in the shareholding company where they worked side by side as partners. For quite a long now he has been looking for a way to have an affair with her even when he knew she had a husband. Also, he felt that this would be the right moment for him to try his luck again. So he utilized it. 

“Allen, you look very stressed, have you eaten today? "

“Not yet, I just have a lot to finish before that?” 

“Allen, you see, I hate to see women working as if they are the breadwinner. Your husband should fill in that space, please can I at least take you out for lunch? Have something to eat and continue, okay?” 

Allen went into a deep state of thought when she heard what Christian has to say concerning the breadwinner. She was in thought, thinking maybe she was being very stupid for doing the work of her husband in the family. With all the stress and tiredness, she decided to give in to Christians' plea for lunch. 

This everyday lunch series went on for about two weeks and somehow Allen tried to caution herself about the fact that she was married but the temptation was much. She compared Christian to her husband and this led to her change of attitude towards him. 

“Allen, can I take you out for dinner? Please I promise to bring you back once we are done eating and I won't take much of your time because of your status as a married woman. "

Once Allen heard the word 'married', she became nauseous and immediately gave in to the request because she had started to hate her spouse who is still jobless and hardly gives her attention due to his haunt for another job.
When they got to the hotel, they ordered food and started to eat. Christina noticed food particles by the side of her baby-like mouth, he grabbed a napkin and wiped it off gently. Both of them felt the chemistry that went on in their brains. 

Although it was getting late, Allen didn't care at the moment, her entire mind was just to be with Christian. She was so angry with her husband in her mind and just wanted him out of the picture... 

To be Continued…

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