Intentional Living

Let's reflect a little. 
Let's ask these little but very significant questions and see how we did or are doing.

Through the year did you invest in anyone? your siblings, friends, parents, spouse?
Is your wife better this year, did you treat her better? 
Were you selfless this year or self-centered? 
Who's life did you improve? 
How many people did you help?
Did you cloth anyone? Help a widow, visit the hospital? 
Did you comfort the bereaved? 
Were you kind to anyone at all this year? 
Is anyone grateful for you because you are a blessing to them? 

Were you more loving this year? Are you a joyful person? Did your presence make a place joyful or sad?  Do you have self-control? Are you peaceful? Are you patient with people (your employees et al), are you keeping malice with anyone?
How did you do spiritually this year? 
Did you make the right decision to draw closer to God? 
Do you know the book of the bible? 
Did you read and study the Bible this year? 
Do you know the Bible is not a book to read and study alone, it is a book to read and act upon. 
Have you read the bible cover to cover? 
Do you know the ten commandments? The beatitude, The golden rules (Do to others what you want them to do to you) and do you practice it? 
Do you know the gifts of  and the 7 deadly sins against the holy spirit (lust, gluttony, greed, laziness, wrath, envy, and pride)? 
Do you know the first and great commandments (Love thy neighbor as yourself), the great Commission (spread the gospel to all the nations of the world)
Do you have a personal relationship with God?
Do you know the voice of the holy spirit? Do you listen to the voice of God?  Did/Do you obey God? 
Do you worship God with your talent, your resources and your time? 
Were you faithful to your spouse? 
Did you sleep with anyone you aren't married to?
What major sacrifice did you give up for God this year (habits, distractions, addiction etc) Did you invest in anyone spiritually this year? 
Did you talk to people about God this year? Did you make a gratitude list? How often did you communicate with your parents and visit them? How many memory verse do you know?
Did you try to improve yourself educationally? Are you patterning your lifestyle with someone who might be living a lie? Do you have insurances (car, health  life, house etc) Are you living ready? If the trumpet sounds today, will you be raptured? (1 these. 5:1-11)

Do you believe both heaven and hell are real. They are not here on earth (Rev.  21:8;22:13)
Therefore whatever you have been using to console yourself that makes you commit sins without regrets, rebuke it and ask for the grace to fight every temptation instead. Know that our flesh would always want to lead us to hell because it knows it won't follow us to heaven. Don't let it win, Be the controller. The flesh is wicked, it is through the help of the holy spirit that we become good people. Take away the holy spirit from us, we'd do evil things..

How can we improve in the above setbacks?
Take a retreat, find somewhere to visit, if you can't afford it, find a spot with little or no distraction this holiday, just you, rest, fast, give thanks for all God has done, ask for forgiveness, build your faith, set goals and work on them.
Plan on all of these things, pray of course, because nothing is possible without God, implement these plans, Be better, do better. Be Intentional with your life and don't forget. 
Live ready.

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  1. So touching and it's like a reawakening for me