New Year Resolutions


Yeah, I never believed in making New year resolutions till recently, not because I tried it this year but because I have heard testimonies and I wanna try it out for this year. 

Would you join me? You should.

It's not about cutting people off or declaring things here and there, we'd be writing down things we wanna change, goal setting, achievements, accomplishments, dropping bad habits, learning something new, proclaiming blessings and gifts (marriage, job, kids, education, etc), and whatever you feel should be written down.

Now, after listing these things, we won't just set them aside, you'd work on it, work on yourself and motivate yourself to accomplish everything you have listed.

The reason why we'd be writing these things down is for us to tick out whatever we have achieved as the year goes by so that by the end of the year we would know how much we have been blessed so we don't take things for granted or assume we didn't achieve anything because the monetary aspect didn't increase as we foresaw it.

Before doing this for the next year, take a sheet of paper, divide it into two, write down all the good things you encountered through the year at one side, then write down the bad things on the other side, which is higher?

Good or bad, that would encourage us to go ahead with this current assignment.
Don't forget to pray after writing down your points, we need God in everything we do. May all that we would be writing come to fulfillment in the coming year in Jesus name. Amen!

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