One Good Turn Deserves Another


If we were made to believe that we attract what we give out, like if you are kind to people you get kindness back if you are helpful, if you give love you would get them in return then why do some people give out all of these great things and yet get back the opposite?
Lemme see if I can say why?

I was talking to a friend recently, I wanted his advice on something I was confused about. I felt it was a decision I couldn't make on my own so I needed another opinion. There was something he said that struck me. 
I asked him, how do people hear from God? How does one discern His Voice or His message? And how come even after praying and praying, in the end, things happen the other way around and then he said to me, these things happen because they're supposed to happen, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, they just happen because that is how they have been ordained by God.

Yes! sometimes we are lucky that some of these things when they begin and we pray against them, God has a way of changing the situation or turning things around but then again it does not mean that bad things are supposed to happen to just bad people.

He went ahead to give relative instances. He talked about an apostle of Jesus Christ who had an injury which didn't heal until he died and this was someone who was preaching miracles and performing healings on people. He also referred to a well  known pastor Who lost his son a year or two ago. So, it  does not really matter who it is or why it's happening to that person it's just God's ways. 
He also used himself as an example, he told me about how he prayed and prayed before getting married, asking God that if she's not the one something should just come up and scatter everything, but in the end, they got married and then after their child was born, along the line something that they didn't discuss or talk about before taking the bold step broke their marriage.  
But even though they  are no longer together, he is overly grateful for his child.   He said he made himself believe that their marriage happened in order for their daughter to be born. God needed the two of them to become one to bring her forth. He's not saying that God supports Divorce or whatever but some things are supposed to happen in order for Godswill to manifest. 

I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone but it did to me and it made me realize that most times when I ponder as to  why some things go ahead to happen in my life it is not a punishment because God loves me, but if it doesn't happen to me who then should it happen to?
I mean God asks us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves so should I want something bad to happen to my neighbour or even my enemy? cos He also urge us to pray for our enemies too. 

I cannot really give a detailed explanation on why what we give does not really come back to us but I believe everything that happens in our lives has a purpose even though we don't want to believe that because there are lots of sad sad events that we don't want to encourage but then there's always something that comes out of all of those situations.  
I am hoping that reading this you'd understand that it is not everything you can control or understand, it's just the way God does His things and His doings are too strange and too great for the understanding of men.
But these things shouldn't stop us from being good, we shouldn't stop praying or Asking God for our heart desires. 

This is my advice always, When you pray, ask God to do his will in your life because his will is always the best. Sometimes we don't even know what's best for us we just assume these things will make us happier or if we have certain things, our lives would be better. 
Just let God make that decision for you.

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