Period Awareness (A Short Story)

It's 4pm on a Saturday, the vicinity is full of  children playing round. Some playing football, others watching and others doing what seemed like a Dancing competition...

A young girl who is about 13 is walking towards what seems like a kiosk. She is walking in a certain way that looked like she had something stuck between her legs or was trying to cover something.
As she walked towards the kiosk owner, the woman gave her a look, trying to understand why she was walking that way.

Emem: Good evening mama Ify
Mama Ify: Good evening Emem, how are you?
Emem: I am fine ma. I want to buy onions and salt. 30 naira onions and that small packet salt.

She hands her the things and collected the money from her. As Emen turns to leave, mama Ify calls her back...

Mama Ify: bia! Emem, come, why are you walking like this?

Emem: (reluctantly) nothing ma
Mama Ify: (not convinced) it's a lie (putting her hand on her shoulder) talk to me, you know me and your mother are close friends, tell me what's wrong.

Emem: I'm OK, but blood keep coming down from my bum bum, it's been happening.
Mama Ify: Blood from your bumbum? Did you tell your mother about it?

To be Continued...

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