Period Awareness (Continuation)

Emem: I'm OK, but blood keep coming down from my bum bum, it's been happening.
Mama Ify: Blood from your bumbum? Did you tell your mother about it?
Emem: Yes
Mama Ify: What did she say or do about it?
Emem: She gave me an old wrapper to be using, but it is finished.
Mama Ify:( with a disgust look) wrapper? Mama Emem will not kill me. Is that why you are walking like this? 

Emem: Yes.
Mama Ify: What are you using now?
Emem: Nothing o, my cloth is already stained, that's why  I'm walking this way.
Mama Ify: (sad) Is she home now?

Emem: Yes, she was the one that sent me.
Mama Ify: (going in to pick something) wait for me, let's go to your house together. (She called out to her daughter to look after the kiosk) oya! Ngwanu! Let's go.

They both entered an old looking compound with each room facing the other, Emem's mother is seen coming out of the kitchen. She is a young lady between the age of 37-38, she was tied two different wrappers around her waist, one longer than the other with no intention of looking attractive. She carried a tray in her hand. She looked worried and kept mumbling words in her throat.

Mama Emem: Where has this girl gone to? Is it to buy salt and onions that this girl has not returned from?  What could be keeping her? (She made a gesture as if to call out to someone when she saw Emem coming with her friend mama Ify) Emem, since I sent you on an errand, you are coming back now abi? (Realizing her friend came along) ah! Mama Ify, this one you followed her back to the house, I hope she hasn't done anything? How are you my friend?
Mama Ify: Mama Emem, I am fine. She didn't do anything wrong, I came to see you
Mama Emem: this must be serious o, that you left your shop to come here. Hope all is well!
Mama Ify: All is well, but I'm not happy with you. Can we go inside and talk?
Mama Emem: I have done something o. Oya! Emem, as you didn't come quick, I already borrowed salt from mama Oga Benji, just cut one of the onions and keep for me..

To be continued.....

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  1. Growing up, I had similar experience. Mine was I was shy to talk to my mum about getting a pad so I used my wrapper, wash it and re-use. Lol. Thank you for the awareness


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