Somewhere in Africa (Conclusion)

As the dark skies made way for the sun to rise, the villagers were terrified the more because they were aware that the darkness could never have perverted without a catalyst. The entire community were rummaging with questions, if not that people are living in their separate houses, one would hear what the other has to say and the questions they asked were clear enough. 

“I heard it was Funke's son that returned this light to us, but my daughter said he saw him walk into their compound not quite long before the break light as to how our house is very close to theirs,” One of the village women said. 

“If he was the one that did it, he wouldn't be alive to this day. Is there any mix-up somewhere? The chief priest did not say anything all through these days and sometimes I wonder if he's still alive”

“If not that we're women, I would have gone to his shrine for the question! " 

“I still wonder why the elders will continuously shut the mouth of the young when they could help in some areas concerning life issues”

After some hours there was a public announcement being given by the king through the town carrier. 

“People of Umunkwo, the king has instructed that every member of the village, young or old, sick or disabled should assemble at the market square tomorrow morning to avoid warranting his punishment. _Onye nu okara ibe ya ooo_ ” He made sounds from the metal he was carrying and strolled from one place to another. 

“My husband, I haven't seen Adebola since today, that was right after the town carrier passed the information, and truth be told this is so unlike my son” Ikenga was just staring into space like no one spoke to him. 

“My husband did you hear me at all?! "

This time he glanced at his wife and released a deep sigh then made a pronouncement that the meeting the king called for was because of their son and no one knows why. At the market square, the atmosphere was tense and eager to hear what was going to be discussed. The King walked in with a few guards behind. 

“People of Umunkwo, I hereby thank you all for honouring this invitation. Without mincing words, this is an experience that almost led to some people's death, to witness night during the day. For the past three days, despite what went on we kept mute because we do not want the gods to think that we are looking down on them by asking questions. We never knew that we could have bitten enough that which we could chew. 
This boy named Ademola, a half-cast, came to me a day before today informing me it was so unmanly to keep mute to avoid being misunderstood by the gods even when it was in our place to. In fact, this thing that happened just a few hours ago has taught me that I had failed my people in this tenure of my leadership. Now, I would like to call upon Ademola Echezona to illustrate how every conflict came to a resolution.”

As he said this second and last statement, the villagers began to murmur. Then Adebola emerged from the inner chambers and walked up to the people, still looking as bright as the sun's rays. 

“My people of Umunkwo, I'm very honoured to stand before all of you here, before I travel to the great beyond, let me go straight to the point because I have limited time to spend here as a human. During the last hours of the unending darkness, I angrily left the house to the shrine despite everything my mom did to stop me. When I got there I realized that Eze mmuo was the catalyst of our problems that was why he had instilled that fear about his personality as the chief priest in everybody even before now, that they always keep mute in all kinds of situations even unpleasant and bizarre ones. 

To cut the story short, I gave my soul in the redemption of the light before the gods struck him, the ezemmuo, to death. I was given time to return to the great beyond or my soul would be trapped between worlds and would cause another problem.
This is just a lesson. You see, in this life, wisdom can never be bestowed on a particular person or a particular group of persons just because of their status or duration of time they have lasted on earth."
Till we meet again... "

Lights shone on him from above and that was the last time everyone saw him and then he became a legend thereafter.

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