Somewhere in Africa (PT 2)

The skies were very angry, grumbling and thundering like they were in a different world. Nobody ever attempted to peep through their windows or even speak a word. The entire village was traumatized by this very ongoing experience and it was very obvious that lives will certainly be taken, but whose?
No one knew when it was morning and when it was night, the darkness illuminated the entire space in the community yet, the chief priest hasn't said a word concerning it and it kept Ademola very grumpy and mad. 

Ademola has been known to be never afraid of whatsoever, back then in his secondary school when the teachers forced and compelled the students to heed their instructions even when at their inconvenience, which is just a bite of wickedness, Ademola will be the only one to object to the teacher's instructions with a polite and clean reason. His father always gets series of reports from the school because of his slimy words of defense and objections to instructions. But, he never made any clear sense as to why it is a problem to object to the elder's instructions, in most cases because he understands life as being equal but status differs. He can't also because he's young, than kill himself because he wants to obey everything the older ones say. 

As the skies kept thundering, the villagers were gripped with fear, without even imagining, Ademola was the only one who wasn’t scared as others. No one knew what he had in mind as he sprang up from his sitting position and sets out in the dark with a torch light. His mother tried questioning his outing but he said he would be back soon. 
What bravery?
His mom ran over to the fathers sitting position compelling him to stop Ademola from wherever he was going but his father never blinked an eyelid. His mother was restless and imagined everything imaginable all through the long unending hours. 

 24 hours later…

Ademola came back the way he went out but with a different countenance. In his greatest surprise, his father was happy to see him. Nevertheless, he looked recreated and different from how he was before. Gradually, the skies began to brighten up with the early morning sun shining brightly on the people of Umunkwo. Even the skies and sun were happy to see them again. 

“Ademola did something that caused this sudden change, if not something worse, " Ikenga told his wife Funke. 

“I saw the change in him too, he was looking as bright as no man can imagine, if he had given his life in place of the light of the heavens, why is he still alive and tangible?”

Ikenga said with tearful eyes… 

 To be continued…

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