Eradication of Poverty

If I have the power to eradicate anything in this whole wide world, it'd be poverty.
 I used to pray when I was younger for everyone to be equal, but as I grew older, I realized one of the classes has to exist for the other to function. Even with this realisation, I still wish poverty can be eradicated. 

I hate seeing little kids on the streets hawking or begging, I hate seeing old parents hawking, I hate seeing school kids wearing torn uniforms, and I can't handle people being terrible to their domestic staff. I can't stand people making jest or mistreating commoners because they are above them.

I am shattered when I hear kids struggle with the English language (I know it's not our mother tongue, but it's our official language). I hate the thought of people sleeping under bridges, in incomplete houses, on street corners, and finding it hard to eat.
I hate the fact that one would be so poor that  they'd end up selling their body for money or become pickpockets or even a robber. 

I hate the fact that people are always sad and angry, that people fall into depression or commit suicide because they are struggling with life. I don't like seeing babambolers, it's disgusting that thing they do, scavaging through gabbages to find whatever.

It's sad that I can't stop any of these, but I can help adjust the circumstances one district at a time. Not just me, we all can, not just the rich, if you earn in anyway, you can contribute to the growth of people in these conditions. 
How?? You can sew a new uniform for a pupil or student, you can buy one of them lunch or dinner, you can help teach someone a subject you are good at, you can give out your clothes and shoes(not thorn or entirely worn out) to them. You can be kind to them, you can pray for them etc. 

You don't need to have too much before you can lend a helping hand. Nothing is too small. But in our helping, being kind is the ultimate. Do not make those you are helping feel it's a favour, do not demean someone because you are helping them, do not treat them poorly. Always show kindness.


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  1. Very noble thoughts it's quite saddening that it can't be a reality in this dispensation

  2. If you can't feed all, feed one.
    May God bless us to help those in need 🙏