Love, not Hate

I saw something in the church today that shook me emotionally.
A woman let her help follow them to church tying a wrapper and a funny-looking blouse.
I may not know the story behind the situation or why someone in her class(she's a very classy person) would want that kind of attention, but it was a really sad sight. 

You might be wondering, "what is wrong with tying wrapper?" But it's not just the wrapper, it's how it looks and even how it was tied. If you saw her, you'd think she was going to buy something from a kiosk close by. 
I may be sounding too judgemental right now, but my point is, if that girl was her child, she'd never had let her out of the house let alone followed her to church. The worse part is, they came out for family thanksgiving, so you can imagine how appalling and uncomfortable the scenario was.

It doesn't take anything from us to be kind to people, instead, it adds. We are commanded by the holy book to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. If we look around us and we are to take a survey, would we be marked right for keeping this commandment? 

What would it take to treat people right? If we were helpless as the people we treat wrongly, wouldn't we wish for help from other people? We just assume the life we have attained for ourselves is everlasting life, these things can all disappear within a flick of the fingers. Imagine if the tables turned, would we expect kindness from the people we treat badly?

Why would you ask for a help and then you maltreat them? Scourge them, deny them food, lock them up in horrible spaces do horrible things to them and you are able to sleep at night? How do you sleep? I really need to know, I mean, we have about 10- or more minutes in our thoughts before we finally go to sleep sometimes, what kinda thoughts run through the minds of such people? Your next punishment, the size of the came, the number of days to get them to fast?? I just want to know.

Do we ever stop to think about our children? What their future would be like? The orientation we are feeding them. 

Why be wicked when we can be kind? Is it a natural thing for some people? Do they learn it? Is it inherited? Do you just despise helpless people or do you just hate yourself?? I really really need to know.

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