Nigeria Election!

At the late nights that would give birth to Election Day, 24th February, it seemed like the 31st night as everyone attested to it.  A lot of engagement was seen online and a lot of predictions too.  
Everyone was anticipatory for either violence or peace once the bright early morning sun shuns. 

I woke up with reflections of the election burning through my heart as I felt shivers run through my spine. I felt that feeling of keenness. 

Beforehand, rumours sprouted from the mouth holes of IPOB members who I vividly heard that Election Day will be the most bloody one. Now I know why they say empty tins make the loudest clangour. 

On the 25th, in the early hours of the day, disappointment sprung up first by the lateness of INEC officials and then leaving behind their tools. 

Some other regions dispersed news of thuds attack and snatching of ballot boxes. 

It rang out from different regions to the supposed brutality that injured some of the voters. 
Nonetheless, in the middle and towards the end of the day, votes were cased, and many were inspirit.

I jolted back home, with prayers in my heart, I kept murmuring - May the right man win. 

It's been so many years of turmoil, grief and agony. This is a season when all regions in the country are meant to smell fruitfulness. A season of hope where education will not be a regret, where an average kid in the north will take a nap without being afraid of kidnap and so many others. 

Nigeria bears a benevolent name -Giant of Africa. 
How are we going to be the Giants when we're not even tall enough? It's high time we picked up that baton and run right to the winning port. 

Excrete the feeling of tribalism, it can only be when a building is fully developed then houses can be shared with flat members. 

This is what Nigeria needs! 

Our state is in Coma... And until the results are made public, her fate is not yet decided....

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