POS and Banks creating chaos

Citizens have propounded so many reasons on their own already why there was a change of currency. 
Some said it was: 

√ Because it doesn't stand the taste of the time for people who hoard money. 

√ To make it beautiful and perhaps add value. 

√ To introduce a cashless policy. 

√ To suffer citizens with the scarcity of money. 

 So which are we to follow?

Now, let's begin with this, as a human, naturally, I want to stop talking bad about the nation where I live but all the same; they are always up with creating a commotion that will, in the end, make me talk about it over again. You see these listed reasons above are all pointing *only* at the government! 


Now let's look at this thesis; 

Once upon a time, POS served as a relieving agent enacted to reduce the stress of standing in a Bank queue for one's hard-earned money. When we talk about humans being biased as a result of situational changes, it is nothing but the truth. 

I've sat down to think, and wondered how a developed body(government) is always being recognized as the cause of problems while behind the scene it is the low or nameless bodies (individuals/citizens) that always ignites fire most times. 
Nigeria is always being talked about in all crannies of the nation as being bad, which in reality, it is. But then, who are the Nigerians, it is us! Because we live inside of it and control everything inside it and most times cause some of the issues everyone is facing. 

Is there any reason for an increment in POS charges? Is there any reason for charges in Bank after withdrawal?? Are you taking the POS to the hospital checkup? POS and Banks are not related to the dollar rate, why should there be an increase in POS and a newly added charge in Banks which is an almost impossible thing to pay as a charge? 

Because of the new currency that has not yet circulated and the scarcity of the old currency? But then, this is an evil act of greediness and extortion which bankers will always call an opportunity. 

Nigerians' lack of morality and inhumanity are the causes of the underdevelopment of the nation; because we can use our little ways of helping we could be able to tame the cost of things, which money had now been included if only we believed in humanity. 

Nobody in the world is regarded as the better but in essence, nation-building is not just about the development of the nation but also for the development of our human existence to fit in properly into society. The governmental bodies and the citizens must push forward for it to be actualized and not just the government alone. 

 Increase the price of things that necessarily needed to be increased, you are not the devil!

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