Back when I was younger, I watched a movie titled "The Saint." I think it's about a serial killer.. Nice movie, romantic too, lol. But what intrigued me was the setting, most parts of the movie were shot in Russia and since I saw that movie, I became obsessed with the country. 

The first thing that got me is how cold it is, I love cold weather, second thing was the language, it's so violent, lol, it's funny because I am the opposite of violence but there's something about their language that is scary and commanding, and I loveeet. 

It's always strange when people are mentioning the Maldives, France, the Caribbean, Italy, Dubai etc, and I mention Russia, lol. I have been called a weirdo a couple of times, but I don't care, I truly wanna visit Russia, not just for a visit but a baecation or a getaway. 

I felt bad when their war started with Ukraine, I wasn't supporting any of them, I just wanted the war to stop. 
I still want to go to Russia, and I hope I will go there one day.. Who knows, I might find myself a Dmitry or a Viktor too🀷‍♀️😁

What's your dream country?

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